360 Product Photography For Weebly

Easy, Fast & Free App for Weebly.

With the Combination of this App and Glo3D mobile/desktop app, you can capture, edit and embed 360 spin images of your products right beside your 2D images.

Shopify 360 images

How to integrate Squarespace 360 images.

This video will show you how to integrate 360 image into your Weebly store.
What you are about to experience, used to be ONLY available to large corporations.
Now we are making it 10X easier, 10X faster and 10X more affordable.

Combination of this Weebly Integration and Glo3D mobile/desktop app, offers an end to end solution, to capture, edit, share and add 360° photo of any product to your website and online store in under 2 min, NO HARDWARE IS NECESSARY and No kidding.

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Shopify 360 images
Shopify 360 images

How it works?

 To embed 360 images, you need to follow these steps:


Download the “Glo3D”
mobile app


Capture a 360° photo of your product


Generate & Upload 360 Spin Image

Why Glo3D?

The Only End to End Solution

We are the only End to End solution that offers mobile and desktop app to streamline the process of capture, edit and embed to the Weebly store.

Fast, Easy and FREE.

Our vision in Glo3D is “360 Product photography for everyone” and because of that, we are the ONLY platform that offers a free mobile app with no hardware required. 

Show details of your product like never before.

We are the only complete solution that offers multi-level zoom and resolution of up to 16K, so you can show great details about your products.

Increase customer engagement.

Offering better and more views, also helps to eliminate the return of a product due to not understanding it which is the reason behind 64% of online returns.


Who owns the content I create?

You own it, but you are giving permission to others so IF you make a model public, then they can view it, like it, share it, comment on it or bookmark it.

Can I try it before paying?

YES, you have two weeks of full-feature account, no credit card needed, to explore our platform. After the two weeks period, we automatically switch you to our FREE account if you haven’t subscribed to our paid platform by then.

Why should I go with you?

In summary, we make the whole process of creating and using the 360 photo super easy and fast.nWe offer the whole capture, Edit, Embed process automatically and with a push of a button both from mobile or desktop app.nWith others, you need to know coding, photoshop etc….nAlmost all other solutions are viewer only. This means you have to capture 360 photos using a DSLR camera or phone AND you need hardware such as a turntable in a long complicated process and THEN edit them in photoshop and THEN install the plugin/viewer to your site and THEN upload it to your site. About an hour-long process.

Can I save the files on my computer or phone?

YES, you can save the models in many formats such as video, batch photos or single photos or interactive format to email anyone.

Can I watermark my 360 photo?

YES, If you have a “PRO” account or higher.

Can I export the models as a GIF or VIDEO?

YES, very easy, once you capture a model, you can use how you want to export it. As a GIF, single photo, video, URL, interactive file format or many other formats.

What makes you different from others?

1-With us, You DO NOT NEED any hardware or turntable.n2-as far as we know, we are the ONLY platform that offers multilevel zoom to show the most detail about your product.n3-as far as we know, We are the ONLY platform that offers 8K resolution.n4-as far as we know, we are the ONLY platform that offers both mobile and desktop APP.n5-as far as we know we are the ONLY platform that offers the creation of 360 photo hotspot technology on a mobile app.

What happens to my models if and when I cancel my account?

We have a FREE version and we will always have it. If you decide to leave our platform, you can always transfer your content to another platform in so many ways we have available to you.

Can I put them on my online store or web site?

YES, 100% you can simply Embed the interactive photo to your any web platform, exactly the same way you would embed a youtube video. Super simple.

Can I share it with social platforms?

YES, with a push of a button you can share to almost any social platform directly from our platform and we generate a proper medium.

Can I use your platform to create a panorama?

YES!  No technical knowledge or coding is necessary. In fact, we might be the simplest and fastest app to make, edit and share 360 panorama photo.  with our panorama feature, you can create 360 photo of your house or a landscape in a matter of seconds. If you are a real estate agent, this would mean a DIY solution and thousands of dollars saving.

Can I share my 360 photos with social platforms( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)?

YES no problem, just click share and choose your platform, that easy, that fast, watch this video on how to share a 360 photo.

Do you offer custom solutions?

YES we can integrate the 360 product technology to your existing infrastructure or offer a custom solution to create a fully customized, white-label solution.

We are a group of users, can we get a discount?

YES, we offer up to 90% discount to group accounts. If you are a representative of a group of users, please Email me at [email protected] with more information about your group.

What resolution do You support? What is the maximum resolution of finished animation? I've found some softwares that limits the resolution
to 640p. It is not enough for me. – Our max video resolution is 2K – our actual 360 photo max resolution is 4K on our pro plan with multi level zoom.
Do You have a "zoom-in" function in finished animation? Can I zoom the 360-photo?
YES, as far as we know, we are the ONLY platform offering multi level zoom for up to 4K.
Is it possible to download the finished 360-animation file or You just provide the html link? If yes - what file is that? What file extension does it have?
Yes, you can export your models in the form of GIF or MP4 in up to 2K resolution for MP4 and 1080 for GIF.

Download The App FOR FREE!

DIY Panorama Virtual Tour 


If for any reason the app is not compatible with your Weebly website or if you have any additional questions or comments, please contact us ([email protected]) and we will be happy to help.

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