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How Glo3D Impacts Peoples Lives!

Your Product Deserves a 360º Photo

Online Store-360 photography

Sean, Vicky and Don from soilable are discussing their startup and integration of 360 photography. The combination creates a powerful 360 photography integration. Feel free to email questions to [email protected]

RV - 360 Photography

In this video Sean and Tariq will go over kuula.co and Glo3D.com Integration of 360 Product photography and interior 360 Photography. Using Glo3D for Exterior 360 photography and Kuula for interior 360 photography create a complete interior/exterior virtual tour. The combination creates the most powerful 360 car photography integration. Feel free to email questions to [email protected]

Julie Campagna, Sculptor

Julie and Sean talking about her journey of becoming a sculpture, challenges and how Glo3D can help her overcome the challenges.

Andrew Benyei, Sculptor

In this video Andrew Benyei talks about his passion, sculpting and how Glo3D.net is helping him bring his art in to the new world. He also shows how he uses Glo3D app to create a 360 Image using his existing studio equipment.

J. A. Fligel, Sculptor

Discussion with J.A Fligel about his background, Work with Hockey Hall of Fame and how Glo3D is helping him expand his reach to whole new audience.

Melanie Chikofsky, Mixed Media

A friendly chat with Melanie Chikofsky about her art and it’s origins, Al Green Legacy and Glo3D.net. She is an amazing artist with good heart helping Toronto Art community and sculptors realizing their dreams.


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